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Crystal Engraved Poke Ball (Ho-oh) 8cm

Crystal Engraved Poke Ball (Ho-oh) 8cm

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This crystal Poke ball may be small, but definitely won't go unnoticed in your house! Whether it is placed in a corner of your room, somewhere in the kitchen or displayed in the living room for everyone to admire, it guarantees that every person who walks by will be caught in the mesmerizing glow of the beautifully designed Pokemon, which is perfectly encapsulated withing this piece of art. A perfect decorative piece, a gift to those who appreciate the good things in life and a sweet reminder of a nostalgic childhood. Nobody can hold back their smile while looking at it, because this Poke Ball is way more than an object, it is a portal to the mysterious dimensions of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn! Just pure awesomeness, elegance and style combined! 

Size: 8cm

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